At Quattro Pensions we can provide you with the actuarial, administration, investment, and consultancy services that you require to run your pension scheme.



We do not have house views. There is no single "correct" investment strategy for a scheme, no pre-determined way to set assumptions and the approach to calculating pension scheme liabilities, and no correct answer as to how and over what period benefits and deficits should be funded.

A big difference between us and many competitors is that, in both our actuarial and investment advice, we are not driven by gilts and gilt yields. The liabilities of any pension scheme are not the single figure on a balance sheet but the scheme's expected cash flows, which depend primarily on future inflation and mortality rates rather than gilt yields.

How you place a value on those liabilities future values depends upon a number of factors specific to each scheme's circumstances. The starting point for us is always the expected return on the scheme's investments which are being used to meet those future cash flows. We will then consider with the trustees how the strength of the employer's covenant, accounting, and discontinuance issues may require adjustments to that approach.



Our administration services are run on software developed in house and provide you with accurate and efficient administration that you and your members will appreciate.

We are one of only three firms in the UK appointed to provide specialist administration and actuarial services to the PPF.



Every client is important and has direct access to one of the Directors.

Named administrators are assigned to each scheme so that they know and understand your particular requirements. You will always have direct access to all Quattro staff and never have to go through an automated answering system.

With our very low turnover of staff you should expect to be dealing with the same people for many years.



Our role is to assist the trustees in finding a solution, with the employer, which meets both parties' needs. This will entail exploring a number of different options and approaches until the right solution for you is agreed.

We only provide you with advice where you need it and we are not looking to use each minor change in legislation to generate additional fees for services that you do not need.