Gender Pay Gap? Not at Quattro

Gender Pay Gap? Not at Quattro

At Quattro Pensions we value all our employees whatever their gender, race, socio-economic background or additional identity. Quattro Pensions is a forward-thinking company and our directors and employees work to embed fairness in our culture.

After recent auditing we are delighted to confirm that analysis shows no gender pay gap at Quattro Pensions. We believe that our company culture is exceptionally well suited to mentoring and advancing women, compared to other financial services companies, given the flexible working environment we offer.

All employees benefit from a truly flexible working policy. Core hours for full time employees are 10am-12noon and 2pm-4pm with the office being open from 8am – 6pm. Employees can request alternative working arrangements to suit them, subject to business needs.

Part time employees account for 35% of the Quattro Pensions workforce and the gender balance is around 40% male and 60% female. This balance is reflected broadly across all levels including management, which we believe is something of a rarity in the financial services industry. Truly flexible working makes it easier for people to re-join the workforce after having children, or continue to work whilst caring for elderly parents, helping with grandchildren etc.  Employees’ work-life balance is enhanced as the school nativity, occasional DIY job and so on does not become a battle between working prescribed hours and personal requirements. The company then benefits from increased motivation of employees, fewer unauthorised absences, and retention of key staff.

Quattro Pensions are committed to fostering an inclusive and flexible environment, and are proud that our analysis shows that this is paying off.

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