Coast to Coast with Quattro

Coast to Coast with Quattro

Quattro Pensions took on the “Coast to Coast” Challenge on 6-9 June. The challenge consisted of a 3-day cycle covering an undulating route spanning 136 miles (218 km) from Whitehaven in the West, to Tynemouth in the East, covering the likes of the Lake District and the Pennines. This was not an easy feat for a bunch of amateurs but they did it!

With torrential rains lashing down drenching every part of them, and howling winds buffering them from all sides, the cyclists ploughed on. They had a mission to complete – they were fundraising for Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Redditch Nightstop so they had to keep going. Failure was not an option.

There was quite literally blood, sweat and tears as the road conditions caused a few collisions with skin and tarmac meeting painfully. Steep inclines (I am told the climb out of Gargill is the steepest tarmacked gradient in the UK) and perilous descents were made worse by failing brakes and the crash barrier was utilised as a stopping mechanism.

These were not hardy well-prepared regular cyclists – they are good-hearted actuaries and pensions administrators doing their bit for others on heavy old bikes without clip-on shoes and all the snazzy kit. Luckily, they all have a fantastic sense of team spirit, great sense of humour and are able to persist in the face of adversity. Four more well-equipped cyclists joined the team on Friday, cycling 110 miles through the rain and wind in one day to meet them. Even they said the conditions were grim and super tough going for novices,

The team spirit was kept alive back in the head office of Redditch too as donations came in and everyone watched avidly the Quattro Pensions Facebook page and WhatsApp group for signs of life. Tom decided donations were not coming in quick enough and declared that if they hit the target of £2,000 by the end of the day he would wax his substantially hairy legs. The target was quickly reached and matched by an equally hairy Luke who said he would wax his legs if they got to £2,500!

This target was quickly reached, a bloodthirsty lot the supporters were! Everyone was so proud of this team of brave-hearted people (and so grateful that the team were doing it instead of them) that the donations just kept coming. With a final anonymous donation of £1,000 the thrilled and elated team completed their challenge and headed for a much-needed warming curry!

The total raised currently sits at £5,120 with Gift Aid taking it to £6,132.51 – over triple their original target.

All at Quattro will continue fundraising for their two chosen charities of 2019 with samosa sales, car washes, an all-night sleep out with Redditch Nightstop and other events planned.

If you would like to make a donation to Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Redditch Nightstop, you can do so at our fundraising page <a href=””><b>here</b></a>.

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