Andrew Allsopp

Andrew is a Scheme Actuary with over 20 years of experience within the actuarial profession. Andrew has previously worked for Britannic Assurance and Hazell Carr and has two young daughters.

Kenneth Donaldson

Kenneth is an experienced actuary and consultant who qualified in 1992 and has worked with pension funds large and small since then. Kenneth joined Quattro in May 2014, and has a variety of Scheme Actuary appointments, in addition to undertaking some Expert Witness work. He became a Director in July 2017.

Mark Frost

Mark is a Scheme Actuary with 30 years of experience in the actuarial profession. Mark has previously worked for Bacon & Woodrow, Garvins and Barnett Waddingham, where he was a Partner. He joined Quattro as a Director in 2016 and acts as Scheme Actuary for numerous of our clients.

Liz Loosmore

Liz is one of the founder directors and is a scheme actuary with over 20 years of actuarial experience. Liz heads up Quattro’s PPF team and has helped successfully navigate numerous schemes through a PPF assessment and also specialises in scheme wind ups. Liz has worked previously for Save & Prosper, PwC and Hazell Carr. There is clearly something in the water here as Liz also has three daughters.

Karl Millward

Karl has over 20 years of actuarial experience and now specialises in pension scheme administration and scheme accounts.